Accessorial charges are incurred when services above and beyond the cost of the freight and fuel are required.  The charge for these services will be confirmed in the quote, as a separate item, if the Service is when requesting quote, or if the Service is confirmed during the booking process.  There are times when Accessorial Charges are required outside of normal circumstances. For instance, a Receiver may have a dock , but due to unusual circumstance (dock under construction, not accessible,) a tailgate may be required to complete the delivery, or wait time at the pick up or delivery.  This may not be known at time of booking, however, M.A.K. Freight Systems will make you aware of any and all additional charges as they are incurred.

Below are some of the most common Services that may prompt additional charges:

Tailgate Pick up or Delivery
Additional Liability (Declared Value) – over $2.00/lb Carrier Liability
Wait Time
Residential Pick up or Delivery
Construction Site Pick Up or Delivery
Dangerous Goods Shipments
Protective Service (Frozen, Keep from Freezing, Fresh)
Driver Assist
Cross Dock
After Hours Pick Up or Delivery (between 1700 – 0800 hrs) or Weekend Service
Oversized Pieces – over 120”
Additional Labour – 2 Man Service
Additional Pick Up or Delivery Stops
White Glove Service – Strapping/Loadbars
Bob Tail / Trailer Drop
Border Crossing Admin Charge
Shipments moving In Bond
Truck No Freight – Pick Up Attempt As Unsuccessful
Trailer / Tanker cleaning
Trade Show Freight
Re-Delivery Charge
Re- Route (Change of Address Enroute)
Hand Bomb Charge
Rural / Mine Delivery
Off Line Miles