Proudly Celebrating 25 years of Service Quality.

Why M.A.K.

M.A.K. Freight Systems is a multi-serviced company that is very dedicated to providing the highest level of service for all our clients’ transportation needs. We service all freight inbound and outbound from Canada, U.S. and Mexico as well as domestic LTL and Truckload shipments. Our main goal is to provide cost effective, reliable inbound/outbound freight to all Canadian and U.S. centers.

M.A.K. Freight Systems can provide solid savings to your company in the cost of freight, as well as reduce several hidden costs. We can assume several responsibilities that previously were internal concerns, and make dynamic improvements in your efficiency levels thus providing savings in management, labour, space and equipment.

We are ready for any challenge

We distance ourselves from our competition by being proactive and keeping you informed of your shipments until their delivery. We commit to providing safe and on time pickup and delivery of your freight to ensure the maximum satisfaction and professionalism to your customers.

Our highly knowledgeable team at MAK Freight Systems offer their unique skills to accommodate your challenging freight needs and provide you a pleasant and seamless experience. Whether your shipment is simple or complex, let us be your first choice when choosing how to move your freight.